5 Simple Style Solutions

March 22, 2016

5 Simple Style Solutions

Just because you’re out there juggling the world, doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it. In that spirit, we give you 5 fool-proof style tricks to make you look put together when you’re feeling anything but.



1. Details, details, details

A colorful handbag or a great pair of statement earrings are the quickest ways to transform your look from basic to BOOM.


2. Pucker up buttercup

Pop your pout with some color to brighten your face in a flash. The brighter the better – reds, plums and pinks are big this season.


3. Chicken soup for the soles

High heels every day? Please. Grab yourself a few pairs of fashionable flats for the days you’re really running around.


4. Blazer of glory

Three words: simple, tailored blazer. Nothing polishes off an outfit (any outfit!) like this style saver.


5. Keep your friends close

When all else fails, make sure you have a favourite on-hand that always look good. Then you really can’t go wrong.



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