Top Ten Ways to Be More Green 🌍

April 12, 2017

Top Ten Ways to Be More Green 🌍

To celebrate Earth Day we have put together the top ten things that you can do to help you be a little greener and reduce your waste! Join us in going green 💚
  1. Bike to work or school! It's a fun and healthy way to get outside, and you'll be saving the Earth from your car's emissions and fumes.
  2. Try and add one meatless meal to your week! Meat is expensive and takes a lot of water and other resources to produce.
  3. Unplug your appliances when you're not using them--especially if you will be gone on vacation! This can save you money on your electricity bill as well as benefit the enviornment!
  4. Cut your shower time! Try to keep your showers under 10 minutes to limit the amount of water you're using!
  5. Recycle, recycle, recycle! Make sure to be recycling everything that you can! Do your research so you know what needs to be recycled. 
  6. Invest in a reusable water bottle. It will save you money over having to purchase plastic water bottles every week and it reduces your waste.
  7. Eat local and organic foods! Buying local limits the transportation costs on the environment and therefore reduces emissions. 
  8. Do your laundry with cold water. 90% of energy used by the washer is for heating the water, so skip that step and save money and energy!
  9. Be conscious of the thermostat. Try setting it to be two degrees warmer in the summer and two degrees colder in the winter and notice the money and energy savings that will result!
  10. Lastly, invest in some reusable grocery bags. This will limit your waste immensely each week and if you live in a city that is now charging you for bags, you will save money too!

Happy Earth Day
Love, VE 🌍💚

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