Top 7 To-Die-For Trends

April 28, 2016

Top 7 To-Die-For Trends

This is going to be one glam year. Black, white, gold, fringe,
gems, tiaras (do not be afraid!) – it’s like every single one of your
wildest fashion fantasies have come to life. Ready?
1. Make a Statement (Earring)
Step aside necklaces, there’s a new over-sized
trend in style – the statement earring. When it comes
to pulling this one off, the bigger the better.
2. Fringe, Fringe, Everywhere Fringe
Building off the edgy trend of yester-year, fringe is
literally all over the place – necklaces, bracelets,
earrings. Fashion rule of thumb: don’t over-fringe.
Just wear one at a time.
3. That’s Gold Baby
Once considered “dated” and “old fashioned”,
gold has made its way back up the fashion
ladder to the very top. Layering with this classic
is the way to wear it this year.
4. Hot Studs with Jackets
Two old trends mixed together = One of this year’s finest.
Pair stud earrings WITH ear jackets to rock it right.
5. Check Out These Gems
No matter what the color, gems are showing
up everywhere, especially in statement pieces.
There’s really no way to wear these wrong.
6. Tiara, Anyone?
Yes, you read that right. They’re back and this time
they brought some big-gemmed friends. Just as before,
these are not recommended for every day use,
but for when you’re getting all fancy-like.
7. Hoop it Up
Did these ever really go out of style? Either way,
we’re glad they’re back. And just like the first trend
we spoke of, if you can jump through them, they’re
about big enough to be on-trend this year.

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