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Elevate Your Holiday Parties

The holidays are here and that means holiday dinner parties! Shout out to everyone this year who’s hosting a party. We know so much time can be spent on food with the planning, the prep, and the cooking, but what about the rest of the party? Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in food that we forget to bring the whole party together with all the other little details that can take a party from okay to amazing! We believe in pulling together amazing AND low-stress holiday parties, so here are 4 easy things you can do to elevate your holiday party. Sunburst watch in green and gold

1. Use cloth napkins

Having cloth napkins really gives a more elevated feel to your dinner settings. Just imagine when you sit down at a restaurant and they have cloth napkins. It feels just that much fancier right? Same thing goes for your own table. Just pick up a set, maybe a few colors for a few different occasions. White and black are a guaranteed go-to for multiple occasions. Maybe some red ones if you’re feeling extra festive. Once the party’s over just throw them in the laundry with your next matching load and they’re ready to impress again at your next dinner party.

From right to left the sierra moissanite round cut ring, the diana moissanite wishbone ring, and the together moissanite pavé ring
folded red napkin

Expert tip: Darker colors like black, navy, and brown will show fewer stains for maximum washing and reusing! If white and light colors are really your thing, just give your napkins a good spray with some stain remover before throwing them in the wash to have them looking as good as new for as long as possible.

 decorated ice cubes in drinking glass

2. Decorate your ice

You've probably seen this all over social media and we’re totally on board with it. Take your ice to the next level by adding some decorative and/or functional additions. Take it from us who tried, it’s SO easy. Just take pieces of fruit or flowers and add them to your ice tray. Once frozen you have beautiful pieces of ice! They be can used for a display like a bucket of ice to keep water, or drinks chilled. They can also be used for additions to drinks. Your garnish gets incorporated as the ice melts. What a fun touch!

sierra gold stacking set
Decorating ice is a really easy way to add some fun flair to drinks

Expert tip: If you decide to go the flower route, make sure the flowers you put in the ice are edible (even if just for display, it's always better to be safe). Popular options like baby’s breath you’d actually want to avoid since it can cause some upset stomachs. Opt for a flower like roses which have edible petals! So they can make for a beautiful display or a fragrant touch to your drinks. 

 add ambience by prepping a holiday playlist

3. Add ambience to the evening

Set the mood for your party! Music is highly underrated but one of the most appreciated touches. Things like having some light music playing in the background will help fill the need for noise and set the tone for your party. For example, hosting a Christmas party or even just a dinner, play your fave Christmas tunes to really get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Adding ambience to your party bring the full package Make sure you curate a music playlist before the party

Expert tip: Curate or find a playlist in advance for exactly how long you expect your party to be, maybe even a song or two longer. This way you know exactly what will be playing so there’s no fussing with music throughout the event and you know you’ll have something playing all night long!

 Use holiday themed place settings, with the sunburst green & gold watch

4. Add menus or name cards to your table settings

This may seem small or mundane but it’s these little touches people absolutely love to see! Why do you think we do it at weddings? Now your event could be as big as a wedding or as small as just a few friends joining for dinner but it’s things like seeing your own name or menu for the evening at your place setting that’ll make your guests feel extra special!

gold mini cross ring, sierra gold stacking set
Use gift tags and some holiday themed decor to make name cards for table settings

Expert tip: Not even sure where to start on making something like name cards?? Don’t overthink it! Some folded card stock with their name written on it is all you need. If you want to take it to the next level, try picking up some pine cones and attaching a gift tag with your guest's name. It’ll make for a very cute table setting. 

Sierra gold stacking set, together moissanite pavé ring, sierra moissanite round cut ring


Want to see it in action? Click Here to watch our video version of this blog!

We hope these tips help make the most beautiful holiday party you’ve ever hosted. We know for sure your guests will be talking about all your creative little details for long after the party. Happy holidays and happy hosting!


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