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Take Care ✨ - How To Care For Your Jewelry

So you've received your sparkles, how do you keep them shiny and new? Here are are a few of our best tips on how to show some love to your treasured VE collection.

First, a general rule of thumb: Treat your belongings with love and they'll love you back! Taking care of things you own makes them last longer and stay bright and shinier for you when you're ready to wear them. Caring for items from the day they're yours will not only make them last, but you'll love it for longer too!


You don't have to be a jeweller to have the right tools for cleaning jewelry. If you own a pair of glasses or sunglasses (from an eyewear shop) you're set! Eyeglass cloths are perfect for polishing the magnetic clasps on our Boho Cuff bracelets. Plated with White Gold or Gold finish, a wipe down with the cloth after each use helps to prevent tarnishing and keeps it looking shiny.


Keeping your Boho Cuff and Wrap bracelet away from water and moisture is key. Water tarnishes any plated metals and no one wants that! Moisture is the culprit in giving leather an overly strong odour. Keep your pieces dry and out of the pool for extra-long wear.


When your collection is growing it can get harder to find ways to store your sparkles. A jewelry box might not work for your look-at-me pieces but jewelry stands and storage boxes work great! Show off your jewelry and keep them tangle-free to make sure your delicately hand-made bracelets never loose a crystal, stone, or precious bead!


If you're just starting your collection of sparkles, we've got you! There's a reason we provide a bag with each bracelet. Our linen bags are specifically made to keep your sparkles away from harm. The linen keeps them dry, allows natural airflow and also protects them from the damaging sun! Store your sparkles in the pouch and line them up in a dresser or box for perfect organization.

Now that we've shared our ultimate sparkle tips, wrap your wraps, straighten your cuffs and get ready to ogle at your collection! 


Team Victoria Emerson



I can’t get my cuff off! Help!


I love the 5-wrap bracelets. I have A LOT of them. I take good care of them – however I’ve had several break at the leather attachment. Button falls off or the leather tears. Also I’ve six bracelets where the freshwater pearls start coming loose and I can no longer wear them. I’m having a hard time replacing them as they’re never in stock. Do you know anyplace that repairs them???
Thank you


There is a special way to get the bracelets off, look where the separation is where they are stuck together, and you push one part up and the other down.
Not easy to do because you want to put both up and down weight on one part, you just open it at the edge. You’ll get the hang of it.

Jessica Carroll

I bought 12 bracelets in total, 1 ring and 2 necklaces … I LOVE Victoria Emerson! Amazing styles with amazing variety of style! So much to choose from … if your taking a stroll in the park, an evening out with the girls or a black tie with your plus one! Something for every occasion. Quality is great, just read the reviews for issues with specific pieces! Other than that VE is 5 ⭐️ all the way!

Sharon Winn

I have two beautiful wrap bracelets. They have both broke in the same spot the leather tears on one side only. I dont wear them in water. What am I doing wrong.

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